Escape Labs

Mission Z

Deep within the cavernous confines of a blacklisted government laboratory are the remains of foul experiments which may hold the key to saving the world. Using teamwork, intelligence, and a little bit of firepower, you will have to solve the mystery of a terrible virus and combat an oncoming apocalypse. More interactive than a haunted house, more action packed than an escape room. Mission Z is an attraction like no other. Using film quality sets and props, we will take you as close to the end of the world as we can without a bunker. Progressing through different scenes, each with its own unique challenges places you and your team as the main characters of a story in which your actions, successes, and failures affect your outcome. Built for co-workers, parties, families, and friends, Mission Z will challenge your team's wit and courage like never before.


Each of the three rooms offers various team building focuses, and last 20 minutes



The first room challenges participants to use critical thinking and problem solving skills



The second room challenges the team to work together and use communication



The last room combines the skills needed in the first two rooms, but also adds focus on staying calm under stress

  • Each session lasts 1 hour
  • Group sizes from 2 - 12, 6 - 10 recommended
  • Hours are 2pm to 10pm, by appointment only
  • Rates vary depending on group sizes, email for information
  • Catered lunches and meetings space available